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Get the Facts on Duodenal Switch.

Benefits of Duodenal Switch

woman measuring tape jeans lost weight The numerous benefits of Duodenal Switch further enhance the superiority of this weight loss surgery when compared to other procedures. These benefits include successful post-op and long-term excess weight loss (EWL), resolution of obesity related comorbidities, and a improved quality of life.

Better Success as Measured with Weight Loss

The accepted measure of a satisfactory weight loss success is defined as > greater than 50% excess weight loss (EWL).

Dr. Douglas Hess et al. [1] reported that of 161 patients more than 10 years after Duodenal Switch, 94% maintained successful EWL, while failure was defined at less than 20% EWL, was only 1%.

In Dr. Picard Marceau's et al. [2] study of 1,356 DS patients, 82% achieved success and failure was defined at less than 25% EWL, was only 1%.

Dr. Gary Anthone [9] reported 73% successful EWL among his duodenal switch patients with a pre-op BMI greater than 50.

Greater Excess Weight Loss

Duodenal Switch surgeons have reported 70-80% excess weight loss (EWL) over long term follow up. [1-7]

Dr. Picard Marceau et al. [2] reported that of 1,356 DS patients over a 15 year span, the EWL was 77% for patients followed for less than 5 years (n 618); 69.4% for patients followed 5 - 10 years (n 451), and 68.9% for the group followed for more than 10 years (n 284).

Hess et al. [1] reported the average excess weight loss at 10 years for 167 of his patients was 75%.

Superior Resolution of Comorbidities

The Duodenal Switch weight loss surgery procedure has seen the highest rate of type 2 diabetes cure, leaving the hospital following surgery and is one of the most astounding benefits of Duodenal Switch. A number of other obesity related comorbidities are also improved or cured by doing this procedure.

Dr. Hess et al. [1] reported type 2 diabetics have had a 98% cure (i.e. became euglycemic) a few weeks after surgery. For more information on how DS surgery can have such a quick result, see the metabolic effect of our section on the Duodenal Switch Procedure.

In a study by Buchwald et al [58] the following observations were reported on the resolution of obesity comorbidities following the Duodenal Switch procedure and demonstrate the benefits of Duodenal Switch.

  • Type 2 Diabetes 99%
  • Hyperlipidemia 99%
  • Hypertension 83%
  • Sleep Apnea 92%

Improved Quality of Life

With Duodenal Switch, overall quality of life is improved with rare occurrence of vomiting and more than 90% of patients are eating whatever they desire. [5]