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Duodenal Switch Related Information

Duodenal Switch related information from veteran DS post-ops. A variety of topics are covered which post-op Duodenal Switch patients may encounter.

Find out why birth control is so important after surgery and what your options are. Also there is an explanation of how DSers can eat 3000+ calories a day and not gain weight.

Soon you will find information on living with Duodenal Switch as a vegetarian, pregnancy after DS and what to expect, losing too much weight and what to do if you start to regain weight. There will also be information on plastic surgery options.

young girl with acne
Suggestions for those experiencing acne on their face, neck or chest following Duodenal Switch surgery.
Anal Fissure
simple toilet
Learn about an anal fissure treatment that worked for Diana C.
Post Op Birth Control
birth control
Find out about the importance of post op birth control. Learn about some of the available options.
Conversation With Your PCP
A sample conversation to have with your PCP regarding Duodenal Switch surgery.
DS Emergency Card
This DS Emergency Card outlines your modified anatomy and provides space for you to fill in your surgeon's contact information.
DS Math
TThe explanation of how DSers can eat 3000+ calories per day and not gain weight.
Hair Loss
man hair cut
Find out why hair loss happens after surgery and what you can do to attempt to reduce the amount of hair you lose
Pregnancy After Weight Loss Surgery
pregnant wonam drinking water
Information from a Duodenal Switch surgeon and post-DS patients on pregnancy after weight loss surgery.

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