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Get the Facts on Duodenal Switch.

Pre Op to Post Op

Patients from pre op to post op have a lot of questions about the entire Duodenal Switch surgery experience; questions about what happens at the hospital before the procedure, what to expect following surgery and of course food ideas for eating post op. Many of our DS veterans have provided insight from their experiences to help you.

What to Expect Following Surgery
Valerie G's advice on what to expect at the hospital before surgery through to being discharged and healing at home.
DS Survival Guide
Lori B's DS survival guide for coming home from the hospital following Duodenal Switch weight loss surgery.
Post Surgery Advice
Suggestions from Elizabeth N. on the things you should focus on as a fresh Duodenal Switch post op.
Post Op Eating
Food ideas from two post op Duodenal Switch patients who share what they were eating early out from surgery.

Now that you know about Pre Op to Post Op
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