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Esquerra, Antonio 's Physician Profile

Practice Name: Mexicali Bariatric Center

Name: Esquerra, Antonio MD

Specialty: Surgeon

Email: ninaeguiambc@gmail.com


Madero 1119-2, Colonia Nueva

Mexicali, BC 21100


General Surgery Board Certified    
1. Approximately how many DS's have you performed 500-1000
      How many in past 2 years? 150+
2. Do you offer the DS for any patient who meets the NIH criteria for bariatric surgery? Yes
      Do you limit its availability to those with BMI > 50? No
3. Do you perform the DS,
       Laparoscopically? Yes
       Open? Yes
       Planned two-stage procedure? Yes
If so, what are your criteria for requiring a planned two-stage procedure?

"Health conditions BMI over 75 "

4. Do you have self-pay plan for patients with limited or no health insurance? No
      Does this include a follow up period? Yes
      How long? 1 Month
5. Do you do revisions of other bariatric surgeries to the DS,
       Adjustable Band? Yes
       Sleeve? Yes
       VBG? Yes
       Gastric bypass? No

Last Updated : 01/14/2016