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Life After Duodenal Switch

Day to day life after Duodenal Switch mainly involves ensuring adequate protein intake and daily vitamin and mineral supplementation. You will also be required to have your blood work monitored to check your levels and adjust your supplements as necessary.

Knowledge is power. Many DS veterans will encourage you to learn all you can and become your own advocate. This is especially important if you have to travel a long distance to see your surgeon as many family doctors aren't familiar with Duodenal Switch.

Soon you will find detailed information on post-op diet, recipes, exercise and blood work.


Weight Loss
Details on rate of weight loss post-op, how long you will continue losing weight and how you know if your weight loss is on track.
Weight Loss Stalls and Plateaus
Has your weight loss stalled? Find out what you can do about it.
Weight Regain
Personal stories about weight regain as a post op Duodenal Switch patient; why the regain happened, and how they lost the regain weight.

Eating Post Op

A lesson on carbohydrates and the effect Duodenal Switch surgery has on how they are absorbed in the intestine. Find out what kinds of carbs cause flatulence and why.
Protein requirements, sources and supplements for post-op Duodenal Switch patients.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Basics
These basics will help anyone who is new at adding supplements into their daily routine.
     Vitamin A
     Vitamin D

Eating Post Op

Blood Work and Lab Orders
Routine blood work and lab orders are vital to maintaining good health following Duodenal Switch weight loss surgery.

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