Duodenal Switch Veterans

Meet our successful post op Duodenal Switch veterans of which many have contributed their knowledge and experience to DS Facts. Find out how much weight they have lost as a result of the DS procedure and how long they have maintained their weight loss. Discover how life is different for them as a result of weight loss surgery. See their before and after photos and read their message to you.

I’d like to extend an additional thank you to the inspiring DS veterans who have made valuable contributions to this web site.

Carolyn M.

Pre-op BMI 52 Current BMI 26 Surgery Nov 2003

Diana C.

Pre-op BMI 49 Current BMI 29 Surgery Aug 2003

Elizabeth N.

Pre-op BMI 63 Current BMI 26 Surgery Dec 2006

Erin C

Pre-op BMI 44 Current BMI 22 Surgery Sept 2008

Hayley F.

Pre-op BMI 48 Current BMI 20 Surgery Mar 2007

Heather M.

Pre-op BMI 50 Current BMI 21 Surgery Dec 2007

Jillian O

Pre-op BMI 58 Current BMI 31 Surgery Dec 2000

John C

Pre-op BMI 88 Current BMI 34 Surgery Jun 2008

Lisa P.

Pre-op BMI 58 Current BMI 29 Surgery Oct 2008

Valerie G.

Pre-op BMI 44 Current BMI 25 Surgery Oct 2005