Consent Information

This is a guide to educate and inform those patients who are planning to have the duodenal switch operation done. Duodenal switch operation is not SADI, Loop DS, SIPS, or variation of. These are all different procedures, some of which are not even considered acceptable procedures. It is important that clear distinctions are made between these procedures and realize that they are not discretion of the same procedures.

The procedure to which I consent is the duodenal switch, comprising a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, with a small bowel intestinal reconstruction comprising an alimentary limb to include the ileum (with or without some distal jejunum, at the surgeon’s discretion) proximally anastomosed to the proximal post pyloric duodenum, and a separate biliopancreatic limb which includes the duodenum that was transected proximally and at least majority of the jejunum, the distal end of which is anastomosed to the distal ileum approximately 75-150 cm proximal to the ileocecal valve, forming a 75-150 cm common channel in which food, bile and pancreatic enzymes mix, thereby creating selective fat malabsorption. I expressly do not consent to any other procedures (variation of the duodenal switch procedure) , including but not limited to Single Anastomosis Duodenoileal bypass (SADI), Stomach Intestinal Pylorus-sparing Surgery (SIPS), or Loop Duodenal Switch (LoopDS or LDS).