Frequently Asked Questions

The following sections are a list of frequently asked questions or statements made about Duodenal Switch (D.S.). The answers have been provided by healthcare professionals who review and update information, so it is always current. There is a lot of incorrect information that is circulating about the Duodenal Switch procedure in public forums by misinformed providers and patients alike. Some patients discuss their own personal experiences as being the norm and advised others on a number of topics such as pre- operative workup, and supplements, which many of these patients fail to distinguish between medical advice and anecdotal. These personal experiences that are being provided by other patients, whose only credentials are that they have had the same or similar surgery, can be very misleading.

We hope that every potential weight loss surgery patient, who is researching their surgical options for treatment of morbid obesity and related comorbidities, has access to the facts before making their decision about which surgery to proceed with.


Performing Duodenal Switch

Why don't all bariatric surgeons perform Duodenal Switch? Is Duodenal Switch a more complicated procedure than Gastric Bypass?