Benefits of Duodenal Switch

The numerous benefits of Duodenal Switch further enhance the superiority of this weight loss surgery when compared to other procedures. These benefits include successful post-op and long-term excess weight loss (EWL), resolution of obesity related comorbidities, and a improved quality of life.


Better Success as Measured with Weight Loss

The accepted measure of a satisfactory weight loss success is defined as > greater than 50% excess weight loss (EWL).

Dr. Douglas Hess et al. [1] reported that of 161 patients more than 10 years after Duodenal Switch, 94% maintained successful EWL, while failure was defined at less than 20% EWL, was only 1%.

In Dr. Picard Marceau’s et al. [2] study of 1,356 DS patients, 82% achieved success and failure was defined at less than 25% EWL, was only 1%.

Dr. Gary Anthone [9] reported 73% successful EWL among his duodenal switch patients with a pre-op BMI greater than 50.


Greater Excess Weight Loss

Duodenal Switch surgeons have reported 70-80% excess weight loss (EWL) over long term follow up. [1-7]

Dr. Picard Marceau et al. [2] reported that of 1,356 DS patients over a 15 year span, the EWL was 77% for patients followed for less than 5 years (n 618); 69.4% for patients followed 5 – 10 years (n 451), and 68.9% for the group followed for more than 10 years (n 284).

Hess et al. [1] reported the average excess weight loss at 10 years for 167 of his patients was 75%.


Superior Resolution of Comorbidities

The Duodenal Switch weight loss surgery procedure has seen the highest rate of type 2 diabetes cure, leaving the hospital following surgery and is one of the most astounding benefits of Duodenal Switch. A number of other obesity related comorbidities are also improved or cured by doing this procedure.

Dr. Hess et al. [1] reported type 2 diabetics have had a 98% cure (i.e. became euglycemic) a few weeks after surgery. For more information on how DS surgery can have such a quick result, see the metabolic effect of our section on the Duodenal Switch Procedure.

In a study by Buchwald et al [58] the following observations were reported on the resolution of obesity comorbidities following the Duodenal Switch procedure and demonstrate the benefits of Duodenal Switch.

  • Type 2 Diabetes 99%
  • Hyperlipidemia 99%
  • Hypertension 83%
  • Sleep Apnea 92%


Improved Quality of Life

With Duodenal Switch, overall quality of life is improved with rare occurrence of vomiting and more than 90% of patients are eating whatever they desire. [5]