Duodenal Switch Related Products in Canada

Having trouble finding Duodenal Switch related products in Canada? We need dry vitamins to stay healthy but they can be hard to find here. Below are some online stores we have discovered where you can purchase the items DSers want or need.

Dry Vitamins

We need Dry versions of the fat soluble vitamins A, D, E & K. Not all surgeons request you take E or K unless your blood work indicates you are developing a deficiency. So be sure to talk to your surgeon and follow his/her vitamin requirements. For more information on Dry vitamins see our section on Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Basics.


If you are vitamin D deficient your surgeon may write you a prescription for 50,000 i.u. or more daily. You will need to talk to the pharmacist as often these prescription vitamin D pills are packed in oil and we will only absorb 20%. We NEED dry D to effectively absorb it. You can purchase the 50,000 i.u. of dry D from Vitalady. This is an American source so there will be higher shipping charges.


Protein Powder

You can request protein powder samples from Fortius Pharmedica. Send them an email and let them know you are a bariatric patient and would like to try some samples of their products. To purchase these products you can order from iWinDirect.


Low Carb or Sugar Free Food

Low Carb Grocery carries Dreamfields Pasta