Getting Duodenal Switch Surgery

Getting Duodenal Switch Surgery contains information
you will need to consider once you decide Duodenal Switch
is for you. Find out if you qualify for weight loss surgery;
use our BMI calculator and view our list of obesity related
comorbidities that may help you when applying for coverage
through your insurance company.

Soon you will find information on having Duodenal Switch
surgery in Brazil, Mexico or Spain, self-pay costs, insurance
appeals, and revision surgery.

Qualifying for Weight Loss Surgery

Find out if you qualify for weight loss surgery
based on the National Institutes of Health (NIH)
guidelines. Use our Body Mass Index calculator
to find out your BMI.

Duodenal Switch Surgeons

The most trusted list of world-wide Duodenal Switch
surgeons on the internet.

Questions to Ask Your Surgeon

A list of potential questions to ask your surgeon
at your consult. Read over the list and ask the
questions that are relevant to you and your situation.

Health Insurance

Detailed information on how to obtain authorization for the Duodenal Switch operation and instructions on how to challenge the insurance companies if denied.