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NSAIDs and Ulcers After RNY

June 21, 2020

Articles on NSAIDs and ulcers after RNY surgery which demonstrate why Duodenal Switch is preferred for patients requiring non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs post-op. Perforated marginal ulcers after laparoscopic gastric bypass. Felix et al. Oct 2008 PubMed Abstract BACKGROUND: Perforated marginal ulcer (PMU) after laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (LRYGB) is a serious complication, but its incidence […] Continue Reading “NSAIDs and Ulcers After RNY”

Pregnancy After Weight Loss Surgery

June 21, 2020

Many post-op patients are concerned about pregnancy after weight loss surgery, especially the Duodenal Switch procedure which includes significant malabsorption. To follow is information from a Duodenal Switch surgeon and testimonials from post-DS weight loss surgery moms on their experience with post-op pregnancy. Do not get pregnant until your weight has stabilized after 18 to […] Continue Reading “Pregnancy After Weight Loss Surgery”

Required Commitment for Duodenal Switch Surgery

June 21, 2020

All weight loss surgical procedures require commitment for the procedure to be successful and Duodenal Switch surgery is no exception. Unlike some surgeries, Duodenal Switch has proven to be a superior weight loss surgery option with the highest documented results in long-term excess weight loss maintenance. [51] However, the success for the patient does not […] Continue Reading “Required Commitment for Duodenal Switch Surgery”

SADI, SIPS, Loop DS not the same as the duodenal switch

June 21, 2020

Before you consent to having duodenal switch surgery, be sure to confirm with your surgeon, IN WRITING, that the procedure you are agreeing to is the standard of care duodenal switch with TWO anastomoses, and not the Investigational-Experimental procedure procedure variously known as the SADI, SADI-S, SIPS, LoopDS or even as “improved” or “safer” duodenal […] Continue Reading “SADI, SIPS, Loop DS not the same as the duodenal switch”

Studies Comparing BPD and BPD-DS

June 21, 2020

Studies comparing BPD and BPD-DS that show how the BPD-DS procedure performed today has better results with fewer complications. Obesity surgery results depending on technique performed: long-term outcome. Gracia et al. April 2009 PubMed Abstract BACKGROUND: Many techniques have excellent results at 2 years of follow-up but some matters regarding their long-term efficacy have arisen. […] Continue Reading “Studies Comparing BPD and BPD-DS”

Questions to ask your surgeon

June 21, 2020

Listed below are questions to ask surgeon at the time of consultation. Patients’ should not be afraid to ask a surgeon about their mortality and complication rates; any reputable surgeon will be happy to discuss those statistics with a patient. Note, that all surgeons will have complications and any surgeon that claims there are no […] Continue Reading “Questions to ask your surgeon”