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Fat Malabsorption

March 04, 2009

A study by Gagner et al. demonstrating 81% fat malabsorption following Duodenal Switch weight loss surgery.   Decreased lipid malabsorption in both gastric bypass and biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch.  Gagner et al. 2005 PII: S1550-7289(05)00173-5   PURPOSE: Bariatric surgical procedures for weight loss are hypothesized to produce weight loss both by restricting food intake […] Continue Reading “Fat Malabsorption”

DS Survival Guide

November 29, 2008

Lori B’s DS survival guide for coming home from the hospital following Duodenal Switch weight loss surgery.

Post Surgery Advice

November 23, 2008

Suggestions from Elizabeth N. on the things you should focus on as a fresh Duodenal Switch post op.

What to Expect Following Surgery

November 23, 2008

Valerie G’s advice on what to expect at the hospital before surgery through to being discharged and healing at home.

Anal Fissure

November 23, 2008

While an anal fissure is not specifically a WLS-related issue, it can be exacerbated by WLS-related issues (constipation, diarrhea) and can devastate your quality of life. I have worked out (tailoring a treatment regimen from recommendations on the internet, in consultation with my colorectal surgeon) a medical (as opposed to surgical) treatment for anal fissures. […] Continue Reading “Anal Fissure”


November 23, 2008
Acne can be an indicator of vitamin A or zinc deficiency. Many post-op Duodenal Switch patients who notice their skin breaking out following surgery will increase their vitamin A or zinc supplements under the advisement of their doctor. If you have not had Duodenal Switch surgery, do not follow these supplement suggestions. Too much vitamin A can be toxic, […] Continue Reading "Acne"

Post Op Dietary Regimen

October 23, 2008

Food ideas from two post op Duodenal Switch patients who share what they were eating early out from surgery.